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  • R888 tire life

    Just wondering what kinda tire life I could get out of toyyo R888 on the street
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    Man do I hate those tires on my RX7 race car. Terrible track life, bad graining in the more recent years of manufacturing sets compared to when they originally came out.
    I have driven them on my RX7 street car and they seem fine enough. Ok in the wet when new. They are soft rubber compared to most performance street tires, so they will wear faster. I do not remember the tire wear number for sure, but it seems to me it is around 100. Street tires like the Bridgestone "Direzza" (sorry to lazy to look up the proper name here) and similar 190 tread wear street tires that are allowed in Chump and Lemons racing will last a lot longer than the R888. But you will likely get one to two years out of the R888, as long as they do not see temperatures below freezing. They crack below freezing and are destroyed. If you do not see a lot of wet weather then you can run them a fairly long time. But the water shedding tread mostly goes away after about 50 % wear, at which point they hydroplane very nicely, which of course is not what you want.

    I have used Michelin track tires, Pilot Sport Cup, on my street car for a summer and got away with it, without extreme wear. But I was very careful in the rain.
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