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Potential Problems? (considering an 88' L)

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  • 25Horseplay
    These are really reliable cars, they are some on the list with 300,000mis and more. With proper maintanance they just keep going. The car looks good in the pictures. I let mine sit from the end of Oct. till April and have no problems.

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  • nick7764
    started a topic Potential Problems? (considering an 88' L)

    Potential Problems? (considering an 88' L)

    Hello, I finally saw and test drove the Festiva i was thinking of buying the other day, and have a few questions. But first, WOW ! I have never owned a festiva before, and did not expect it to have anywhere near that kind of power!!! (Of course I drive a 61' bug, so speed hasn't always been at the top of my priorities... ).
    Well, the current owner said that he got it a while back, and fixed a bunch of stuff that started going wrong, spending 2 or 3k on repairs. he says everything finally stopped going wrong, and for the last 6 months, its been great- always reliable, etc. he also said a ton of mechanicals have been replaced. But for last month and a half, its been sitting. I drove it, and it ran great, started on the first try, everything seemed great. It doesn't look the best, and definently needs to be cleaned up, but there is very little, if no rust. One spot he says there was rust has been patched (a small part near the fender). The battery, while still working, needs to be replaced. My question is, what could have gone wrong in a month and a half of sitting outside? Probably nothing? Alot? Also, it is an 88' L? Are there any particular quirks with that year? Things I should know about? I thought I read somehwere 88's had electrical problems a lot? Is that right? Anyways, any help would be appreciated! Thx :P

    Oh, and here is the craigslist link. I'm pretty sure he would take $1000.