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  • shipping to canada

    does anyone know the regulations on shipping auto parts to canada and how to figure shipping fees through the regular mail chanels?

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    you have to fill out a customs form and declare what the contents are..


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      Whatever you do, never use UPS when shipping to canada. They always charge a ridiculous duty fee. Sometimes more than what the item is worth. I've never had this problem with USPS/Canada Post
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        not to steal the thread or anything, but what about bringing a car back accross the border? anything need to be done in advance?

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          I sold an item on ebay to a Canada buyer. I took out insurance on it to protect us both. He contacted me later and said he had to pay a duty on the shipment because of the insured value. Just something to consider. Otherwise, like xpnsyd said, just fill out the custom papers and describe the contents.
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            We've had a lot of problems with UPS and their "extra" charges... and not just on car parts. It may take a little longer but I would recommend using USPS when at all possible. Just my 2cents worth.
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              When bringing a US made product back to the US from Canada, there is a form to fill out. Don't remember the number, it's been afew years. There should not be a duty fee either.