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Found a car, need your thoughts on it.

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  • Found a car, need your thoughts on it.

    I spotted this car a few houses down from my parents place in a backyard. It's an 88 Festiva L, carburated. The thing about this car that I find amazing is that is has virtually no rust. For a 20 year old Festiva to have no rust in Calgary is friggin' amazing. The headlights are broken, the interior is shot, but the body is fantastic, and I honestly don't mind working with a carb. but I'd prefer fuel injection. They're asking $800 for it, but I'm pretty sure I could get it for $500. Any thoughts?

    Heres a few pics.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention it's got 242,000kms (150,000 miles) showing on the clock.

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    Yes ..Offer $500.00
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      oh ya, i'd offer $500 and see if he'll take it

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        Don't forget that it will most likely be a 4 speed
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          I've had an opportunity to speak with the "owners" of the car again, and it's starting to sound like it may be a bad idea. It appears that they are...not members of normal put it nicely. Let's just say they don't work 9 to 5, but money's not a problem. They don't have a key for the car, they don't have registration for it, and as they tell me, they're selling it for a "friend."

          It seems to me that it might be the kind of deal where you buy the car, and at some point when you get pulled over for a burnt out tail light you find out the car was either sold to you illegally, or used in a crime, and in either case gets seized by the courts as evidence or as stolen property.

          Oh well, one down. There are plenty of Festivas in the sea.


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            Well just go to your department of motor vehicles with the vin and have them check it, im sure they would do it for free. I think I wouldn't pay anymore than 400 for it, just because of going through all the hassle of getting a new title for it.



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              Id walk away, thats a lot of miles on an 88 when the title is in question.
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                and carbed at that.. I just sold 1 pretty much in the same condition had a blown head gasket and 125k for 150.00 But even it had a clear title.


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                  800 is high for that having that many miles



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                    Yup, been thinking about the DMV option, but also thinking about the scary factor with these folks.


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                      I'd avoid that one, there's others out there.

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                        Yep, avoid them.
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