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Vacuum Valve Bottom of Intake Manifold

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  • Vacuum Valve Bottom of Intake Manifold

    Greeting follow Festiva lovers, So my question is.... who sells the two Vacuum valves on the bottom of the intake manifold? One is colored blue other white. numbers are 7G25 and 7G30. Having a terrible time find these. I have a broke prong on the blue one. Thank you so much in advance for your help.

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    I don't recall seeing either of those parts on any 1988-1993 Ford Festiva.

    I see you have duplicate posts for this... You have to be patient with our new and regressed web site. Even though you get an error message, your post may have been successful. You are not the only one who I has done this.. I have done it many times myself.
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      Sorry for the extra posts , but yes they are both located under the intake manifold. I have the 1988 Festiva LX. Having a terrible time trying to find them to replace, one has broken prong, check out my pic on other thread


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        I have only owned 89 thru 92 efi Festiva’s so that explains why I have never seen them. Sorry I can’t help you.


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          I will check in my big white plastic pail of shtuff for a pair of dancers.


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            please anyone this is related to the 1988 Festiva , Carbed Vacuum lines, can anyone please provide me with your pics of how your vacuum lines run , like from here to their. I have search alot and have seen diagrams etc but so hard to understand. I would love to see how your lines run. thank you so much


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              It helps that the hoses tend to be colour coded with dashed lines along their length to match the colours of the three solenoids on the firewall.
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