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93 Carb Festiva - No Spark

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  • 93 Carb Festiva - No Spark

    Hello all! I just acquired a no-start Festiva (very base L model) that has been non-running for a few years. I started troubleshooting and discovered I had no spark at the plugs or from the coil. Coil has 12v battery voltage, and seems to be good with resistance checks. This Festiva is fuel-injected but still has the distributor. I checked the connector on the distributor (believe this is crank position sensor, see pic). I'm not reading voltage with the key on for any of the three wires here (y/g, y/br, and black). Does anyone have any info on whether one of these three wires should have voltage with the key on? Tried disconnecting the air flow sensor connector as well and reading no voltage on any of the pins there. Have checked all the fuses under the dash and replaced the only one I found that was bad (cooling fan fuse)
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    Suggest checking the 3 fuses on the strut tower in the engine compartment. They are called "fusable links" and look like standing loops of wire. Search for blown fuses and for rusted or dirty connections. For more info type "fusable links" into the search box at the top of this page and be prepared to be overwhelmed. Peopel frequently clean the connections and replace with ordiary fuses as you will see if you try the search. You should also see what each is for. Sorry I can't be more specific off hand - poor memory and all.
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      Thanks for the suggestion. Fusable links tested with good current on both sides, but there was quite a bit of corrosion on them. I just replaced them with fuses this afternoon. Unfortuately that didn't fix my problem though. Still not getting any spark out of the coil and not seeing 12v on any of the terminals at the crank or air flow sensor (still not sure if any of those wires should have 12v). I am getting about 1.5v on a wire to the air flow sensor and to the distributor.