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Festiva / Aspire REPAIR & HELP ***README***

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    Originally posted by BLACKESTSHEEP View Post
    hi...the links you posted above are there any way you can fix, or renew them..? looking for a 1989 ford festiva Haynes repair manual...thanks
    Go get one at the McParts store or order it on Amazon.
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      ok, thanks, i'll look there


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        Any chance we can get the links fixed? I'm sure they're super helpful for us newbies


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          i took TominMO' s advice..and i bought a 'haynes' manual off was only 6 bucks for a used copy..the copy was in good condition, and looked new to can also spend more, and get a nicer one if you want..they had plenty of copies..the shipping was cheap, a few dollars...i think you have to be an ebay member first..(i am)..its maybe try there good luck


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            Looks like I'll never learn the proper way to clean my engine bay... Just gonna keep using the pressure washer and Simple Green®
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              Will an aspire transmission work on a festiva?