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Changing Clutch cable

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  • Changing Clutch cable

    I have to change my clutch cable. Does anyone have any helpful how to's, hints, tricks or advice for making this job easier?

    Thanks David

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    Well here's the answer to my own question.

    The ends of the cable are easy to disconnect or attach. Its the middle that's a pain.

    The clutch petal has a hook at the top that the cable lifts out of and drops into.

    Before I removed the old cable assy. I attached a string. So that after removal, I could use the string to pull the new cable into place.

    The cable assy attaches just like a brake hose using the same squire u shape spring clip. I ended up using a small pocket screwdriver. I wedged the screwdriver between the clip and body mount. Hooking the inside bottom of the clip. It popped right out.

    It may be easier to install the new firewall grommet before hooking anything up. I sprayed dw40 on the grommet to aid as lub. Then used a long thin screwdriver to push the grommet into place. I started by hooking the bottom of the in place by hand. Then I put the screwdriver between the two lips and push it more in place. Then finished by using the screwdriver to push the rest of the grommet in place.

    While I was under there I wanted to replace clutch petal bump stop. I ended up gluing a rubber stop to the stop bolt. I may go back an glue the rubber to the petal instead.

    I hope this helps others.



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      Maybe, I should have read this before I changed my clutch cable. I bought a new one on the Bay and changed it without there being any necessity.
      Getting the spring clip out was easy. Putting it back again was a nightmare. I had to remove my driver's seat to see what I was doing.
      Then I had to remove the clutch switch to get my hand in. I have a lot of extra wiring.
      Does anyone know what the floating grommet in the middle of the clutch cable is for?
      I noticed that my poor clutch cylinder pull is pitted and slightly deformed from thirty years of use. I bought a couple of short 12mm titanium rods to fabricate a replacement.
      If it works, I will make more of them to sell to other members with the same problem.