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  • starts then dies

    Hey out there, I am brand new to the forum. I have a 91 festy that is starting and then dies after about 1 to 6 seconds. varies. Not sure whats going on. Here is a list of what I have checked so far. fuel pump is working but unsure of psi. Checked multiple grnd wires. replaced fuel filter. Checked air filter. Checked fusible links. Any more ideas. Not sure how to check fuel psi

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    Check the connection at the VAF meter in the air intake.
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      Like mentioned above, Check the Air Flow Meter connection. If everything is good there then I would check the Vacuum lines going from the Throttle body to the Purge Solenoid and around any of them attached to the Intake Manifold and check the hoses that run to the Valve cover and check to make sure all of your connections are good between the Air Flow Meter and Throttle Body
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        I'm guessing its all in the stock box right? i know i had an issue when i swapped my festiva because i didn't connect the breather pipe off the intake for idleing.

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          If none of those things fixes it another possibility is a dead Ignition Control Module. Not easy to diagnose. Can be taken to some parts stores for free test. People often test by putting in good distributor off another car to see if that fixes problem.
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            The ICM on FI cars sits on the driver strut tower...
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