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    DC and Ken Block present Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco.Shot on the actual streets of San Francisco, California, GYM5 features a foc...

    Mike, AKA the sasquatch
    1990 LX, bp+T/g25mr, 9psi dynoed at 194HP, turbonetics t3/to4e 57trim, haltech E6X standalone, 550cc injectors, turbosmart wastegate, synapse BOV, walbro 255 fuel pump, aeromotive FPR, AEM wideband, 3 inch exhaust, huge FMIC, 9LB flywheel, 6 puck clutch and way more parts that im forgetting i installed lol...

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    Pretty sweet!
    1991 Auto Ford Festiva " Noel " <-- cuz theres No L in Festiva
    1991 Manual Ford Festiva
    1999 ford f-250 5.4L My gas guzzler.


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      Wow that awd drive train takes a beating , wonder how it holds up to the jumps and repeated abuse.

      Awesome video.


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        Seen that the other night, totally wild!!

        1988 323 Station Wagon - KLG4 swapped
        1988 323 GT - B6T Powered
        2008 Ford Escape - Rollover Survivor

        1990 Festiva - First Ever Completed KLZE swap (SOLD)

        If no one from the future stops you from doing it, how bad of a decision can it really be?


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          -M3NTAL MARK! Woo!!


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            Available at your local Ford dealer soon !
            The Don - Midwest Festiva Inc., Missouri Chapter

            Link to my festiva pictures below
            Celebrating 25 years of festiva(s) ownership.


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              I never got airborne when I was driving in San Fransisco.
              I did burn out my clutch there.
              I learned why most people drive automatics there.
              I had to replace it in L.A. before I went to Vegas.


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                Loved it! Best one yet IMO.
                -93' L BP swap/e-series, coilovers, RIO front swap, redrilled festy drums, Miata 14" 7 spokes.
                -88' Mazda 323 SE, work in progress..
                -85' Nissan Sentra 5 spd.


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                  I love the sideway's jump! haha!
                  -Josh R


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                    Any guesses on how much coin one has to shell out to close off the golden gate bridge in the middle of the day? My guess is video trickery, and digital editing.
                    Driving for me is neither a right nor a privilege. Driving is my passion, as it was for the people who invented the automobile, the people who paved the first roads and the people who continue to improve the automobile. Please respect this passion.


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                      Sideways jump ....... FTW!!!!!!!! :p

                      Red 1988 Festiva L - CUJO

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                      I'm just...a little slow... sometimes:withstupid:

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                      Silver 1988 Festiva L

                      My Music!


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                        It was a cloudy day in SF after he left, lots of low, white, smelly clouds...
                        Owner of:
                        1991 Red Festiva L, 5 speed (Swagger Wagon)
                        In progress:
                        BP+G25MR swap, Kia rio axles hopefully.


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                          GYMKHANA FIVE!!!!!

                          Gymkhana 8 is out! Its pretty good i figured i would revive an old thread instead of makin a new one. Anyway, this one is in Dubai and he has updated his car! The fiesta now does 0-60mph in 1.8 seconds. They had the whole dubai supercar police fleet in there, the main highway theough dubai (shiek zayed road) closed for only the second time ever, a drag race with a bunch of exotic cars but i only reconized a bugatti veyron, LFA and an aventador. Drifting through palace courtyards, around a plane, under a raptor... Lol. Its worth a watch. Last i heard the engine is still 'only' at 650hp.*
                          Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

                          All it needs is a festiva showgun following. :p
                          I still think the second one is my favorate video.
                          I thought the 7th (?) one was super expensive with the 'mustang' but this must have cost a bajillion dollars.

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