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Skeeter update thread #4!!

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  • Skeeter update thread #4!!

    Skeeter update thread # 4!!
    My last update thread is HERE. It ended with me painting my nice red fenders to match the car back in the beginning of December... also I had just picked up my B6. So I figured its about time for a new update thread documenting what Iíve done since then! Itís been a long time in the coming!

    I. Short Shifter
    II. iPod adapter
    III. B6 rebuild
    IV. Finishing my paint job/painting the hood
    V. B6 install, new clutch, KYBís

    I. Short Shifter

    Back in January sometime I picked up a $.99 civic short shifter from e-bay. Hereís a pic of the new vs old shifters:

    I had to cut a bit off the spring to install it but other than that (and a rusty bolt) it was very easy. Direct swap, and I like it a lot!
    Hereís a pic installed:

    II. iPod adapter

    For Christmas I got an iPod car adapter/broadcaster and a little stand thatís supposed to hold your ipod . The case on my iPod is too big to fit the stand, but I use the stand on longer trips. I installed it in one of the open spots behind the wiper arm and tie-strapped it in:

    III. B6 rebuild

    A detailed version of this post will be over in the N/A engine swaps area, but here is the general idea of what I did:
    Start out with a B6 block that had had a cracked head on it (courtesy of htchbck):

    And a head from oxbrain:

    And a pile of other parts:

    And start cleaning the dirty rusty mess up!

    ^^I used a lot of simple green, and ran a hose off of the hot water pipe for the washing machine. Crude but it worked!

    Clean head:

    Clean, but rusty, block:

    Cleaning up the pistons and oil pump (donít tell my mom, ok? It was too cold outside!):

    Block cleaned up and honed, not perfect but a lot better.

    Pistons w/ new rings:

    A lil PnP work done:

    VC/header b4 and after high-temp paint:


    Crank/oil pump installed:

    Valves cleaned, lapped, and re-installed:

    Head installed and bolted down!

    All new gaskets/rings/seals. Main/rod bearings looked really good so they didnít get changed, oil pump was well within specs so that stayed the same as well. Thatís about it for the re-build, it took me a few months of working on and off on it to get it re-built, but it was fun and I learned a lot!

    IV. Finishing my paint job/ painting the hood

    At that point my hood was still black, and I decided to paint it blue to match the rest of the car. I love my rollers! A couple coats of paint and wala... I was finished.

    And finally got around to buffing/waxing the car. Still isnít perfect but not too bad for a roller job.

    V. B6 install, new clutch, KYBís.

    Finally after spending time on and off over the course of almost 10 months the B6 was ready to be installed. My parents went on a 1 week trip to Romania at the end of august, so I had the use of my momís van for the week, and picked that time to do the swap. I enlisted the help of a friend (Josh, 15) for helping with the dirty work and to have someone to chat with.
    We started around 8 or so at night (I got off work, picked him up, got home and let the car sit a little while to cool down b4 we started pulling things). Had some pizza, drained the coolant, and got to work!

    A last shot of the B3:

    A few hours later and the engine/trany was out!

    Dirt Ol Engine!

    We called it a night after the engine was out and on the ground (around 11pm). The next day I again enlisted Joshís help, and also got a bit of help from my brother.. put the two of them to work cleaning the engine bay, while I worked on swapping parts from the B3 to the B6. I swapped the water pump, belts, alternator, motor mounts, etc. spending a lot of time cleaning each item before it was swapped.

    Clean engine bay!

    I then sanded it a little with some light sandpaper, taped off what I didnít want painted, and rattle-canned it semi-gloss rustoleum black.

    At this point I decided to put in a new clutch, since mine was getting rather worn. Got a full kit (clutch, pressure plate, bearings) from Autozone for ~$100, it was in stock which I was thankful for.

    And installed

    Also had to install the rocker arms from the B3Ö

    Josh cleaning up the trany (it was soo light!!)

    Injector harness spliced

    Injectors (B3 front, B6 back)

    New engine and old engine

    And finally, put the B6 up in the air almost ready to drop it in!

    And in!

    While the front end was all apart I also installed some KYB GR2ís in the frontÖ I love them!

    There were a number of little problems I had to overcome throughout the swap, coolant line re-routing, had to modify my B3 down pipe (which didnít work) and then ended up making a custom down pipe, re-drill a few little holes here and there, etc, but all in all it went fairly smoothly. It took me a little while to get it started because I hooked the fuel lines up backwards (that was a pain to figure outÖ dumb little mistakes will do you in!) but I got it started and running before my parents came home! So the entire swap was accomplished in about 1 week, with me working during the days and most of the time spent cleaning stuffÖ lol.

    Had a few other issues (CEL, etc, see my other threads if interested) but its been running well for about 5k miles now!

    Thatís about it for now! This thread is long enough, lol. I have more that will be getting done in the next few days now that school is over (ball joints, sway bar bushings, odyssey battery, and hopefully a MSD coil). I will try to finish a full write up of the B6 re-build/install with more details as far as the actual swap and pics in the next few weeks! Go give your festiva some love!!

    the keeper of a wonderful lil car, Skeeter.

    Current cars:
    91L "Skeeter" 170k, Aspire brakes, G15, BP, Advancedynamics coil overs, etc. My first love.
    1990 Kawasaki Ninja 250 - my gas saver, 60+mpg - 40k
    2004 MotoGuzzi Breva - my "longer range" bike - 17k

    FOTY 2008 winner!

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    Thats a riot cleaning parts in the bathtub and bakin them in the Mom would have killed me for that!

    93 GL modyfied!!!


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      Very nice write-up!!! submit it for FOTM!!

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      1988 323 GT - B6T Powered
      2008 Ford Escape - Rollover Survivor

      1990 Festiva - First Ever Completed KLZE swap (SOLD)

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        '93 Blue 5spd 230K(down for clutch and overall maintanence)
        '93 White B6 swap thanks to Skeeters Keeper
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          ^^Exactly my thoughts! This is the type of stuff we are looking for!

          93 GL modyfied!!!


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            WOW that new engine is beautiful, it looks brand new! I love the blue, great work, I look forward to the rebuild thread, that is something I have never done! Great work, I am really impressed Skeeter.


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              Really nice job Nate !!! Submit it for F.O.T.M. !!!

              BPT, G5M-R, BP26 Exintake swap + Fidanza cam gear, NSRT4 FMIC + 2.5" piping, HKS SSQV BOV, Exedy clutch, 3" downpipe + 2" all the way back, Aspire brake swap, KYB GR-2 & FMS coil spring , FMS EURO body kit + Carbon fiber hood, Falcon RTX 15X6Ĺ + Toyo proxes T1R 195/45R15


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                Awsome. Excellent pics. Nice work! This is true hot rodding at is best, alive and well! Keep that camera well greased.
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                  WOW looks great, keep up the great work!! i'm super impressed!!


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                    Nice job nate.
                    It's a good thing you don't read the stickies, you might of learned something.Poverty produces creativity


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                      looking good

                      Mike, AKA the sasquatch
                      1990 LX, bp+T/g25mr, 9psi dynoed at 194HP, turbonetics t3/to4e 57trim, haltech E6X standalone, 550cc injectors, turbosmart wastegate, synapse BOV, walbro 255 fuel pump, aeromotive FPR, AEM wideband, 3 inch exhaust, huge FMIC, 9LB flywheel, 6 puck clutch and way more parts that im forgetting i installed lol...


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                        That Diet Coke cleaned the hell out of those parts. I wonder what RC Cola would do?


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                          Thanks guys!!!

                          I've thought about submitting for FOTM before, but its never finished so i haven't wanted to yet... but it will never be "finished" so i guess i should since i've got my major mods done!

                          I was thinking earlier how DJ was always one of the first to respond to my update threads... Glad we've still got a good group here, but miss him none the less..

                          the keeper of a wonderful lil car, Skeeter.

                          Current cars:
                          91L "Skeeter" 170k, Aspire brakes, G15, BP, Advancedynamics coil overs, etc. My first love.
                          1990 Kawasaki Ninja 250 - my gas saver, 60+mpg - 40k
                          2004 MotoGuzzi Breva - my "longer range" bike - 17k

                          FOTY 2008 winner!


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                            Awesome pics!!!


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                              Wow. I'm just... speechless.

                              I never realized how young you are. (not meant in a bad way) & you managed to do this all on your own.

                              *bows downs* That is simply freekin amazing Skeeter.
                              Mon arme a moi, c'est un stylo.