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    wow awesome meet guys. I'd like to come next year funds permiting
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      Wow...........I waited a year for this only to miss it because I was mandated to work. With over 50 cars in attendance I knew I should have just called off and went. It looks like it was a great time!!! Hats off to Dean and Sam and everyone else who helped put this on!!

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        WOW thats awesome... next year i want to make it there but i dont know how likely that is... its one heck of a drive from here lol... if more festivas show up next year thats gonna be CRAZY!!!

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          Originally posted by Smedley View Post
          All I can say is WOW!

          ...and I wish I were there.
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            More photos

            I just downloaded these from my camera.
            A different view of the cars in attendance.
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              My first Festiva meet ever, and let me tell you it was great. I see that this is a tight knit group. Heck they dident even back down from muscle cars. If you were there you know what I mean.
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                  My thanks to Dean, Sam , and Barbara and all that had a hand in planning this event. This event was awesome. I met a lot of people that I knew their ID's on here but it was great to be able to put a face to the names and make some new friends. I only hope that every one had as great a time as I did. I'm looking forward to next year. FM4.... Can't WAIT!!!!
                  (next time I'll take off all weekend).

                  This was AWESOME!!
                  Thanks Again
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                  Team Lightning

                  Owner of Team Lightning
                  90 L "Peewee" B6D. Bought new May 16,1990
                  92 L Thunder BP G5M-R Turbo B6T electronics. Jan 2016 FOTM winner SOLD
                  93 L Lightning. BP

                  Not a user of drugs or alcohol, Just addicted to Festiva's


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                    I forgot to say thanks to all who came too....wouldn't have been possible without your efforts!


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                      IT WAS AWSOME!!!
                      Never in history has soo many Festivas been that close together, outside their birthplace and on the ship to the USA.

                      It was great to meet so many people from so many places.
                      My hats off to all those who made the journey from outside NC.
                      SC, GA, FL, VA, WV, MO, PA, OH ...

                      I tried to talk to everyone but I'm sure I missed some.
                      I'm not sure if I met the owner of Batstiva. I was looking forward to talking with you about your car. Maybe next year.

                      Thanks Dean and Sam for putting together another great meet.
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                        OMG I have never had so much fun! It's like being a room full of people who "get it". This has got to have been the very best car show, fun-gathering event I have EVER been to!!!

                        I'm in complete awe!!!

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                          Wow..... That looks AWESOME!
                          Simon -


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                            AWESOME indeed. Renews my conviction in festivas. Id like to see some of that spirit around here. Cant wait to see all the pics and videos.
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                              Painful, just painful, not being able to attend. Hopefully next year. I may be planning a Blachhills meet if anyone would like to see the sites here.
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                                ... and I was excited when 5 of us showed up for Westiva. Congrats to all who made it to FM3. I'm really looking forward to lots more photos and videos.

                                Thanks to Sam and Dean for setting this up!
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