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  • Festiva Madness XVII

    Festiva Madness XVII , Where's WaldoStiva, signup and T-shirt form
    Please sign up now if you are attending so we can have a T shirt ready for you!

    Where is it?

    705 Retail Way Louisburg NC 27549 Walmart Parking Lot

    When is it?

    Saturday October 7th, 10 AM to 1 PM Sign up on arrival for any categories of trophies. As usual there will be 1 dollar per vote tickets to vote for fan favorite and best beater. Trophies announced at noon, with a group photo afterward. Then it is time for all of us to make sure we clean up the location of our mess, and head to

    Rustic Building Supply parking Lot. 85 NC-561, Louisburg, NC 27549

    We will form up there, and have arrangements made to stop traffic so there will be an idyllic twelve mile cruise of a long row of Festivas going to the Pre and Post meet location.

    Pre and Post meet location

    T&S Automotive 6010G NC HWY 561 Louisburg NC 27549

    Early arrivals.

    Arrive as early as Thursday afternoon if you want to get here way early. We will be closing shop at 6 PM and begin transitioning to Festiva Madness duties!

    Friday and Saturday night cookouts, Sunday morning breakfast, then it is time to go home!

    This year is going to be a little different and a little better!

    We have a car to pull parts from, starting Saturday after the meet! As early as Friday evening, there will be a list to sign up for what you want to take from the car, and can begin pulling parts after the Saturday meet.

    We will be giving away a Festiva! There will be a Waldo doll wearing his own Madness17 T shirt hidden somewhere. More rules coming soon. Find Waldo, win the car! Pics coming soon as well. This is a decent Festiva that will be ready to drive and have a clean title. We will do our best to make sure it can make the ride anywhere, and you can also leave it here to come back for it later. More details to come.

    This year we have access to our new shop location for T&S Automotive! There will be two bays that can fit 4 to 6 cars. One lift. There will be a center bay cordoned off that we must ask everyone NOT TO ENTER. Bring your own tools! If it comes up that you just HAVE to borrow something, please see Paul and he will help you out! Keep in mind this is a full service auto repair shop and we rely heavily on your cooperation in this matter. Lots of room on the apron in front of the shop for overflow work. The office is also strictly off limits, please and thanks.

    Do not plan on doing major repairs or projects on your car here unless it is something that HAS to be done to return home! If you want to do that B6t swap, do not expect to do it here! If you blow an engine and get towed in, then we will try to make sure we get you going to return home! Major repairs are for those that encounter problems!

    Pre and post meet activities will be there, with a 4 acre field in back for camping and lots of room to park cars. Drive in the back field at your own risk, please do not be rambunctious there. We will need to keep to our side of the parking lot as well, there are other businesses in the strip mall next door that need parking left open for their patrons.

    We also hope to have our Pizza Shop functioning by then in that strip mall to help feed everyone!

    We will have a functioning city bus with AC on site as a place to escape rain and heat, our lobby is large enough for lots of people and is temp controlled as well. These places are also available to throw a sleeping bag down. Of course, there are motels around as well.

    We MIGHT have a shower stall in the employee bathroom by then, we might not. There are two bathrooms in the customer lobby that will be open for use, and probably two more in the pizzeria.

    If it rains heavily, the middle end of our parking lot does flood with water 3 to 4 inches deep. The landlord is in the process of fixing the drainage issues, but it takes time and relies on contractors, so we might have to work around that. Plenty of other space is available, it will not be an issue. We will cordon off the area if rain is expected.

    If you bring alcohol, consumption should be low key. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! Do not drink and work on cars! Save it for after. NO ALCOHOL IN THE SHOP! If you attend pre and post meet Festivaties, or the meet itself, you are taking responsibility for your own actions and if you are injured, in no way will Walmart, the planning committee, T&S Automotive, or Paullys Pie in the sky be in any way liable.

    Bring parts to swap if you like! Bring Mosquito spray, a chair, even a table if you need one. Bring a great attitude ready to enjoy lots of Festivaties in a drama free zone with all your friends!
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