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  • Parts For Sale / Wanted Forum Rules


    When posting in this section you must ALWAYS put the proper codes in front of the subject.

    [FS] for sale
    [WTB] want to buy
    [WTT] want to trade
    [EBAY] E-bay auction

    CORRECT Example.
    [FS] Leather seats.

    Leather seats for sale.
    leather seats FS

    It is not fair to bump your own thread above everyone else's if there is no interest or activity. This being said, you are not allowed to bump your thread more than once every 7 days, and no more than a total of 3 bumps with no replies from anybody else.

    3.) PRICE
    You MUST post a price with your item. No just saying, Make me an offer. It is much easier for somebody to decide yes or no to buy it if they see a price. Plus it saves bandwidth, as the first post will be "how much?"

    4.) INVADING
    Do not post a cheaper item for sale in a thread where someone is selling something. This is not allowed, and posts will be deleted. Also, do not tell someone their asking price is too high. if you don't want it at that price, shut your hole and move on. if you DO by chance have a strong objection to someone selling a cone filter for $120 and know where to get one cheaper, make your own thread. do NOT reference original seller's item.

    5.) EBAY
    Ebay links may be posted, but if you post more than one or so a week, they may all be combined into a single thread. try and use the single thread format since most auctions only run 3 days at a time.

    6.) PICTURES
    Please have pictures of the item you wish to sell. this is not required, but lack of a picture will make people wary of buying something sight unseen.

    7.) OPINIONS
    Stop posting your opinion of the sale of an item / car in every thread, especially if you are not interested. If I see these, I am going to delete them.

    8.) LOCATION
    If your location isn't listed in your profile, please state your location in your for sale post
    The Festiva Store
    Specializing in restoration, tuning and custom parts.