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  • FOTM Forum rules

    The FOTM is run by your MOTHER and my favorite little children (the FOTM Group Moderators). The FOTM Group Mods has access to a restricted access forum to discuss and come up with FOTM nominees.

    We are introducing themes months once in a while, to give the FOTM a more broad based appeal.


    1) Theme suggestions are always welcome (there is a sticky topic for this)

    2) Nominees will be kept secret until a poll is out.

    3) If you want to nominate a specific car, including your own, please do so in a PM to me and DJ. Do not nominate a car in this forum; your post will be deleted. In the PM send a link to their homepage, cardomain site, forum post, etc… so we know what car you are nominating

    4) By posting information, pictures, links about your car in any of the forum or elsewhere on the site (gallery, member’s rides…), you automatically give the FOTM Moderators the right to nominate your car and have it featured on the homepage if you are the winner.

    5) Nominating cars that are not on this site is allowed. If you wish to do so, please ensure that the car’s owner agrees to be nominated, featured on the homepage and will collaborate by submitting pictures and information. Rule 3) must still be followed.

    6) The FOTM Group works on a consensus basis and currently has a sufficient number of members. If you wish to join the group you may request to do so, but it is expected that you will participate if you join. If you can no longer be active in the group, please leave to make room for others. Do not join the group just to have your name highlighted in green when you log in!

    7) This is not American Idol. Once a poll is up, you are only allowed to vote once per username. Using multiple usernames for multiple voting is not allowed.

    If you do not like the nominees, please refrain from making negative or sarcastic comments and re read rules 1) and 3)
    I will NOT drive a minivan