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Name change for Parts For Sale/Wanted Section...

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  • Name change for Parts For Sale/Wanted Section...

    I passed over the Parts for Sale Forum the first few times that I lurked here, because I was looking to buy a car, not parts. In fact, I wondered why there was not a Cars for Sale Forum. Maybe I just took the title too literally, since I finally did find some cars in the Parts section. I even bought one out of the Forum and picked it up last weekend in Los Angel es.

    My suggestion is that the name of the Parts for Sale/Wanted Forum be changed to "Cars and Parts For Sale/Wanted" or simply "For Sale/Wanted" to be more inclusive of things like literature, apparel, accessories, tires, etc.
    By the way, I love my Festiva. I have now been a Festiva owner for six days and 2300 trouble free miles.
    Onree in Nebraska

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    Good idea man.

    I never thought about it before, as I know some places have both "cars for sale" and "parts for sale" as seperate forums.

    Simon -