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    How does one post pics in a thread?

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    You can attach two pictures at a time by hitting 'Go Advanced' and attaching the files, somewhat like you would if you were sending them in an email.

    The easiest way to get pics into your text is to use a photo hosting site. The best for me is PhotoBucket. There have been problems in the past with photobucket and windows computers (viruses) but it's the easiest site I've found to upload, store and link to pictures.

    Once you've uploaded a picture to photobucket, you can resize it there and then copy the link code under the 'Share' drop down menu and copy the image URL.

    Click the little picture of a mountain above and paste that URL in. When you hit ok, it will add some text to the beginning and end of it so it comes up as an embedded image.
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      photobucket FTW!!

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        Originally posted by walth View Post
        photobucket FTW!!
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          I prefer imgur. PB takes more time and feels less streamlined to me. Imgur requires no registration and allows one to quickly upload one or more images, resize, and link.
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            I like that photobucket stores a copy of the picture for me on their servers though. With an account, it's simple to find an older picture you want to link to again.
            Blue '93 GL Auto: White 13" 5 Point Wheels, Full LED Conversion, and an 8" Sub