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    Sometimes when looking for festiva related stuff I am tempted to ask a question but knowing better I try using the search function, though even then i have tried many times and failed many times at finding what i'm looking for.

    I remembered there is this other place where a lot of information can be found.

    Just use generic terms and a lot of times you will find many bits of information. Maybe in the future i'll create something for the forums here but as of now just refer to the site below

    !Caution this link will take you to a site outside of but I deem it 99% safe!

    PS it may not be 100% true info but it is accurate 90% of the time. It's a good place to start, once you find the info you are looking for it's easy to double check it elsewhere.
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    One problem with the searches is that you can't search for a three-letter word; has to be four or more letters. So a search for "gas cap" would be fruitless. In cases like that, I do a more general search, but try to limit it to the part of the forum I think will give the best results, like Repair Help or Custom Audio for example.
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      current setting is for 2 letter words
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        What do you mean 2 letter words? I tried searching BP and found nothing. Or am I confused? (Probably lol)
        < Teaching myself about cars with a Festiva >
        << So I'm here looking for help and support >>


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          Yeah... I'm looking into it. When I search gas cap, it's got nothing too... Even though it's above in this thread.
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