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    what happened to the 2 members that say they have a set for sale?? No response?? WTF! is this a childrens network???

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    There's always ebay.

    This one's only $30. Three more and you'll be good to go. Or maybe you could be patient, not
    resort to insults and get the ones that are a lot less.
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      Perhaps it has something to do with this:
      "Gotta find 'em first... PM me and I'll look for them the next time I go over there."
      Since this was posted on Oct 26th, perhaps he hasn't been over to find them for you.
      I'm sure if he knew how anxious you were, he'd drop everything and find them for you.
      Did you PM him?
      For someone who is retired, you do not have much patience.
      Some people are not on here everyday, they have lives and jobs.
      So they only drop in here occasionally, Christ, drops in from time to time.
      Your best bet is to drop the individuals a PM instead of trying to berate them in public.
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        Originally posted by krackerjack View Post
        what happened to the 2 members that say they have a set for sale?? No response?? WTF! is this a childrens network???
        Yup, THIS will get the parties in gear. I know I most certainly would be running around like my hair was on fire to find them and get them to you after reading this post.

        Out of all the forums I'm a member of, this one is by far the most useful and filled with the most willing to help people I've run across. There have been a few exceptions, as with any part of life. But overall a great group with loads of info and help.

        As was previously stated. Some members actually have lives outside of this forum and are not on here everyday. So if you can't show a bit of patience and choose to go thru life with your panties in a bunch, that's your decision. I'm sure you'll make plenty of "friends" that way.


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          You people have lives? DAMN! Anyone want to tell me where you got those from? I need to get one! LOL!!!

          I also need to go over to the parts thread and look for a right-side headlight assembly...and a right-side fender marker lens. I have 3 extra caps...but after reading all of this...I think I'll just sit on 'em for now...