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Do you have any pictures from any Madness Meet?

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  • Do you have any pictures from any Madness Meet?

    I have created a "sharesite" on shutterfly to host madness pics.
    Go there, and sign up, it is free, there is no email verification, and then request to be made a member of the page. Send me your email addy that you used, and I will be sure to add you. Then, for any year that you have madness pics, go to the appropriate section, and create an album for your pics. There is also a section for videos.
    Then, you can share the link to anyone and the pics can be viewed publicly without signing in or being a member.
    If you like, you can connect your FB account with it as well. Also instagram, and flickr.
    Unlimited space! The company makes money by selling you products based on the pics, and you can get some prints free for signing up, I bet they charge for shipping though.
    Or if you don't like sharing your info, make up a fake email address to sign up with. Whatevs.
    It would be incredibly cool if over the next few weeks we can aggregate all the photos from all the years of Madness.
    Contact me for information about Festiva Madness!
    Remember, FestYboy is inflatable , and Scitzz means crazy, YO!
    "Like I'm going to suggest we do the job right." ~Fecomatter May 28 2016.