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Question about videos on the forum

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  • Question about videos on the forum

    1) I use a lot of videos at times as an easy way that I can explain what I'm doing, or to demo a problem (like the current non-start issue with the new Festy project) and for one thing I want to make sure I'm not violating any forum rules by dropping vids or pictures in my posts.

    2) Does posting a video in a thread adversely affect the forums BANDWIDTH? As far as I know the links stream direct from YOUTUBE and shouldn't have an impact on forum speed - but I have been wrong before.

    3) I use Photo(slop)Bucket for my still images, is there any problem with posting those? Is there an absolute size limit other than 640X480 (IE: Image Density/HD) I did notice there seems to be a limit of one image per post, and I wish that were expanded a little. Showing the steps in a project phase can take several at a time.

    4) Yeah, I saw the Photo and Video sub-forums, that's why I'm worried that I may be overstepping myself.
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