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    nice Pride

    I can wait. No emergency. Is the power antenna relay also located in the fenderwell? Also I noticed your gas filler door does not have a lock on it. I presume you have a cable pull inside to open it. Could you please measure the door for me? I want to see if it would also fit a Festiva. Many thanks.


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      i shaved the gas filler door.. yes i have the lever to open goes with the trunk opener latch...

      i'll post some pics when i got home.... i miss my pride so much.....

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      Kia pride 2 door
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      all stock=))


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        made in Iran

        This looks like it will fit the Festiva. I just need a couple of masts. I already have two motors.


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          no luck

          I am still looking for a mast.

          The Kia part number is KK152 66 930.

          I have asked my local Kia dealer if he can order it from Kia Europe for me.
          I am only going to order one even though I have two good Pride antenna motors. If anyone else is interested in having a power antenna for their car, PM me before I place the order.
          If Kia North America gives me the runaround, I have British neighbours. I will get it directly from Kia UK if I have to.


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            Four Green

            Has anyone heard of Four Green Auto Parts?

            The power antenna mast is listed at $21.82 each.

            I am going to order one for myself.
            I would order two if someone wanted to buy my extra motor.
            PM me if you are interested.

            It would be interesting if they could get any Kia Pride part number here in America.
            I've typed a few Pride part numbers, and they all registered with U.S. dollar prices.
            Go ahead and type some Kia part numbers in for yourselves.


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              It looks like they are located in Michigan. Interesting. Looks like they have a lot of parts.
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                New mudflaps are $8 each for the front, and $5.35 for the rears.


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                  Twistiva, please check the picture of my extra antenna motor in post #20 of this thread. Thanks for sending me the new power antenna mast from our group buy from Four Green. I will post pictures of the antenna and mudflaps when I get them. I was surprised that we bought the last two under seat trays in Kia's inventory for $4.32 each. Now I have to remove my left front fender to mount the motor. This will serve two purposes, as I am permanently removing all of the ECU wiring from the harness. I will ask Mirko for a power antenna switch for you.

                  Please confirm if there are any mistakes in the wiring diagram for the Kia Pride power antenna. pp 56-57. It's on the same circuit as the cigarette lighter. Even though there is no relay, I would like to install one. I am currently looking for an antenna relay from an RX-7.
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                    Just so everyone is aware, the Kia Pride power antenna extends to double the length of the stock Festiva manual antenna. It is a two section mast. I don't know if that means better reception or not. Does anyone know?
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                      longer antenna USUALLY means better reception, BUT it also changes the antenna's tuned range...
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                        Man, the stock Festiva antenna is way too long in my opinion but dang, twice the length?!

                        What do I know...?
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                          Driving down the road with that setups Festiva coming up behind a rig would visually look like a chihuahua trying to mate with a Labrador... >=)
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                            IMO, power antennas are so 1970's.... rather antique these days dontcha think? I'd much rather have a shark-fin style roof antenna, like modern BMW's, etc.
                            If it has boobs or wheels, sooner or later you're going to have trouble with it.
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                              Originally posted by deathegg View Post
                              IMO, power antennas are so 1970's.... rather antique these days dontcha think? I'd much rather have a shark-fin style roof antenna, like modern BMW's, etc.
                              ew! no way... shark fins are too stream line to look good on a boxy festy... on an aspire maybe...
                              I know its a piece of crap but im still faster...and its 100% legal!!!!!


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                                New Camry's don't have a fin. They have smooth GPS antennas.