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BP Swap G-Series Clutch question

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  • BP Swap G-Series Clutch question

    I'm just wondering what clutchs yall are using with a BP and XR2 G-series swap, End goal is 250hp. I'm just wondering what options I have that will work with the combo. I'll probably use the flywheel from a b6t as I have one on hand and I believe i had heard that all b-series flywheels are interchangeable. In theory I should be able to use a completely stock style setup for a capri if I find something that will hold the power.

    I posted this in another area but for some reason it only pulls up that section of the forum at random times, Thanks for any help.

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    You need to match flywheel to the transmission being used. And I think a stock replacment will hold the power your after. Just get a quality kit like an exedy.


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      I put an eBay motors F1 Stage 3 racing clutch in my car, fitted for a B6T flywheel. I use it in an ice racer with the B6T and G25mr swap, and it has always worked well. The car dyno's at about 160 hp at the wheels.
      I had a stock B6T Exedy clutch and it slipped in 4th gear. But I had been holding the rev's up and applying the brakes coming to the start of the race when that started to occur.

      You can use several different flywheels, but you have to match the clutch pressure plate to the flywheel. For example, a Miata 1.6 L flywheel is flat, and a B6T flywheel has raised edges (crenelated), so the pressure plate contacts where it bolts to the flywheel are not the same.
      The Miata 1.6 L flywheel is lighter than the B6T wheel, so you might want to pick the lightest stock flywheel for the most responsive engine.
      I put the B6T on my Miata 1.6 L block, just because I already owned the F1 racing clutch, otherwise I would have used the MIata wheel.

      The flywheel does not really have to match the transmission, but it does have to match where the teeth of the starter motor are placed by the transmission. However, both Miata and B6T trannies put the starter at the same radius from the crankshaft.
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