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2001 kia sephia , future swap?

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  • 2001 kia sephia , future swap?

    My 1993 with 343k miles , probably around 200k on current motor has been leaving me itching for brake upgrades due to warped rotors and pain of turning them , and read drums being too small to fit on the brake lathe. I just recently got my AC back working and tinted all my windows. Always said I love this car and will try to keep it forever.
    So I stumbled on a 2001 kia sephia 5 speed with around 70k miles for $550 with a completely trashed clutch or so it seems pretty sure all it can be since I get resistance to go into all gears without clutch pushed , so rules out a sheared input shaft and so I think any other issues unless I'm overlooking something. Was driven 30k miles by their son who learned how to drive a clutch on it and now it won't budge in any gear can let it run in gear.

    Plans are to fix the clutch with a stage 4 and a new flywheel and fix whatever else I see needs fixing and drive it sometimes till I restore my truck so I can park both it and my festiva while I do a swap which I will have a better idea with both cars side by side , buying the car tomorrow.

    1.8l T8D , pretty close to the BP
    125hp , 107 torque
    Ventilated larger front rotors
    Slide off rotors
    Bigger rear drums
    Rear drums are seperate from wheel bearing
    Independent rear suspension cradle
    4x100 bolt pattern 14" wheels
    A arms instead of a single lower control beam

    Not 100% sure can do the complete swap , but I don't mind modifying , cutting , fabricating to make it work if it's within reason. But too good to pass up so might make a build thread at some point.

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    I really want to know the information is far as the engine swap as well. Can it run off Mazda Electronics? is the same exact bellhousing pattern as the 1.6 kia and the 1997 sephia BP engine? Not everyone wants to tear down a BP headed for boost. some just want a low miles larger output solution. Out where I live in California this secret is out on the Mazda engines the. Kia engines are $300 all day long, with accessories and engine harness thrown in often.
    1993 GL 5 speed

    It's a MazdaFordnKia thing, and you will understand!


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      When I dig into it I will be able to show pictures and see the differences. I'm not even sure how much is feasible but it gave me the idea when I seen it and for the price I don't feel like I can go wrong.


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        If you care little about aftermarket support and the block bolts to any mazda transaxle, it's a good swap. If you want a foundation that can be plug and play drawing from 20 years of experience from this forum, you don't want that engine and harness because you'll have to do it over to support a proper b1.6DOHC or BP.

        What brings me back to read so many threads on here is the creativity everyone has attacking the same problems. Some do methodical research looking at many different head gaskets before even getting hands dirty while other people take out their welders and make prototypes right on the kitchen table with their wife still in bed asleep.
        1993 GL 5 speed

        It's a MazdaFordnKia thing, and you will understand!


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          It's not always feasible to find the donor cars locally for the right money. I would love to have aftermarket but I don't need to make a ton of power anyway.


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            I cannot upload photos because of size limitations , but I removed the trans and clutch and to the people wondering if would fit on a B engine , it doesn't have same bolt pattern , 2 of the big mounting bolts work , and has a 22 spline input shaft.

            Just wanted to throw that out there but my plan is a whole swap later anyway. For now just getting it driveable until I finish my truck so I can park the sephia and festiva