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1.6 b6ze give me some tips.

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  • 1.6 b6ze give me some tips.

    Hello! Preparing my 1.6l b6ze ( sub 100k mile engine) to swap into my festiva, I have read the documents on the swap. But still have some questions and just want t hear from some who have done it.

    what I have...
    - new clutch (exeedy)
    - 2 stock trans 5 speed
    - intake from 1.6 b6d
    -vaf from 1.6 b6d
    -valve cover from 1.6b6d
    - exhaust and oil pan from 1.6 b6d.

    My my main questions relate to cooling set up, and ignition, what do I do to run the cam angle sensor ignition on the engine already?

    93 festiva L
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      The existing ECU in the car will not run the crank angle sensor ignition. You would have to add the ignition wiring from the B6ZE chassis and the ECU so far as I know. That means you would also switch to the fuel injector wiring harness from the B6ZE since ignition and fuel need to be run by the same ECU.

      Or you find a way to use the distributor from the Festiva, and use the Festiva ignition. It would be similar to descriptions in the archives here for adding in a BP 1.8 L engine while still using the stock wiring and ECU of the Festiva.
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