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  • 4x4 festiva

    I'm going to be putting my festiva on a Geo tracker frame

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    Should look like my profile pic without the plow


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      Sounds like a fun project. I'm putting a 70 ford truck on an 09 crownvic frame right now it's been an experience so far but there plenty of people that have done it so I have some direction. What's the wheel base on the tracker ?


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        The tracker has approximately the same wheel base as the festiva one of reasons i got the tracker for the swap and it was for free ! I allmost have the body off the tracker and I'm planning on making a sub frame that is welded to the festiva and uses the body mounts on the tracker I will be using the tracker drivetrain as well the Ford truck on the crown Vic should be cool and ride good


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          I'm using the firewall and floor from the vic on my truck swap because the cab mounts and floor need rut repairs. If the tracker wasn't to much wider it would be pretty cool to do similar with the festiva. Use the tracker dash and all. This would keep the steering and wiring simple with your swap.


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            Right on thanks I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible good luck with your project it sounds cool