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  • BP+T or BPT

    Hi Guys! I'm a new/old Festiva driver as an early 90s Festy was my first car, and then not again until I purchased one out of nostalgia a few years back as a project. It's been mostly sitting, and occasionally driven to the airport as I commute for my job. I'm a pro-racing mechanic, and this year I will actually have more time at home versus on the road, perfect time to start this build for real! My Festiva only had 60k on the clock when I got it, so I decided power plant would be last. I've done the full Aspire swap, rear disc brakes, coil over suspension and some cosmetic stuff to my own liking. Now it's time for motor swap, and I've got a couple of questions. I’m not interested in a B6T, I want the 1.8. I’m not interested in making a RWD or AWD car, I just want a FWD turbo 1.8 thats fairly reliable. So….
    1. I have access to an actual BPT if I want it
    2. I also have access to an Escort GT
    Which is the better option? I am not afraid of any fab work, and have turbo’d cars before. My time is unfortunately limited so I really need to cut down on the “figuring it out” aspects. Which one would be an easier process? I’ve seen the BP guide, but never a BP+T or BPT guide. I’m sure I will figure things out and adjust some as I go, but would prefer to be able to layout my work flow in steps before beginning.

    Any input is much appreciated!

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    Your target horse power may be the key to the decision for you.
    I have a B6T in my Festiva. I recently bought a Flyin Miata BP turbo kit for a Miata, but have not received it yet. So I have some experience.

    Making engine and trans mounts, and fitting it all, will be a challenge for both routes.

    If you go the BPT route, you will probably want to do further mods over the years, but you will have a solid, reliable starting point.

    Years ago I looked at going the BP + T route for the Festi. I found there was just not enough after market support, everything would have to be fabbed, and then a Megasquirt or other aftermarket ECU would be needed.

    If you are happy doing all that fab, and a lot of research on what will fit, then the BP + T route will get you a more modern turbo system, that probably makes a lot more power than the stock BPT from Mazda did. But there will be a lot of fab work involved in the exhaust manifold, downpipe, and fitment for the turbo, sourcing the oil and coolant for the turbo, etc. As well, there will be reliability issues to overcome. has a lot of discussion on how to get it reliable, but all the aftermarket parts are for the RWD Miata, and are not going to fit. If you are already comfortable with programming an ECU, and have good fab skills, then this will be a good direction. If not, like me, then there is going to be a big learning curve on the ECU alone, or a big bill from someone who does know how.

    I would go the BPT route, build the car with the stock BPT ECU and other electronics, downpipe, manifold etc, and get good fitment in the chassis. I am assuming the wiring harness and ECU come with the BPT. If not, then you are not getting the advantage of avoiding an aftermarket ECU, which pushes in the BP+T direction.

    Once it all works and is reliable, and you get itchy for more, I would consider upgrades to the downpipe and even the turbo. But you will find the stock BPT in a Festiva is pretty darn impressive. My B6T, with upgraded VJ11/14 turbo, is "scary fast" on the street already.

    Not sure how much this will help with your decision.
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      Thanks Icedawg, that was actually really helpful. I'm going to go with the BPT rather than BP+T. It does indeed come with the ECU and harness, so it's nice to have the comfortable starting point. I will definitely be upgrading things eventually, including ECU but I want to have it running before hand. BP+T sounds like more work in the beginning for the same amount of customization later to me. I'm completely comfortable making whatever I need to fit this in here, but I'd rather spend time making custom upgrade stuff later. Pretty confident I could get the BPT swap done by Spring before my racing season gets really busy. I use it to drive to airport a lot, and while all the wheel/brake/suspension/interior mods have helped, it would be a lot more fun with some more power!

      Seriously appreciate the input, I'll let you know when I get somewhere with it.


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        I'm just curious, why not b6t?