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2000 Protege compatability?

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  • 2000 Protege compatability?

    Hello all,

    I'm hoping to get my Festy back on the road this year after parking it a couple years ago. My buddy hooked me up with this 2000 Protege EX for free so I couldn't say no. My plan was to swap the engine and suspension/hubs/brakes in the Festiva but I haven't found much in my research about anyone who's used this generation Protege. The engine is a 1.8L FP-DE which I gather isn't as easy to swap as the earlier motors, and probably even harder to mate to the original manual transmission. Can anyone shed some light if I have a chance or am I out of luck with this one? Anything else that would be worth grabbing from the Protege while I'm at it? Thanks!

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    I’ve been busy doing a little engine swapping of my own. And from what I know the engine out of that car will not match up to the transmission for The festiva.
    If it will physically fit you could do it
    you would have to swap over the engine with the transmission. And the wiring harness with the ecu
    If The lower transmission and motor mounts are in similar spots as the Festiva you could Make your own engine mount modifications

    And cut the axles shorter unless you could find some that would have the same spline count but come shorter
    and probably need raised strut mounts, to make room for the larger steering knuckles/wheel hub, they would raise up the two bolt holes where the struts mount to, about two inches. needing to make room where the strut rod bolts to the strut mount at the top,
    modify the shifter linkages
    I list all those things because the engine swap I did needed to have all those things done, larger steering knuckles different transmission, custom Front coil overs
    Anyway there’s quite a few little things and big things to it all, If you have a garage for it to sit while you work on it, all the tools. And time
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