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    *need help with vacuum lines*

    I have a Festy 88', stock carb had to gooooo. I had a punch in piston 3 and backfill to the carb.... you know how that goes. I got a new CARB (p0hoto 4) and it has only 4-5 vacuum plugs, I just don't know how to hook it up, what I should do and what to do with all theese lines still in the car. Any help is good help. ty.
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    I notice in the first two photos that the EGR valve by the pasenger side strut tower is missing as are the three plastic solenoids on a missing bracket on the firewall in the centre. I do see the black charcoal cannister by the driver's side strut tower which stores gasloline fumes for burnning when the engine is started and doesn't let them leak out into the atmosphere. There are also two vacuum lines which feed the standard distributor. One of those is a vacuum advance which works in conjunction with the mechanical advance. The old carb will have a silver coloured cutoff valve on it's the top front with four vacuum hoses which might not appear on your replacement carb. If you search this webiste on vacuum hoses (lines?) you'll find more information as the topic has come up before. Have fun. That's a nice clean looking engine compartment.

    PS Do you think that carb will work? It says 1983 1.6L when the Festiva is 1988 1.3L. The original carb is Japanese made for Mazda 1.3L B3 engine. I think people usually substiturte a Weber or Ford Escort carb and disconnect most of the emissions devices. Sorry I can' be of more help.
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      I did some R&D on how carbs works and asked around before I went slapping this one on there. I will post my results in this thread. thanks you for the help


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        It looks just like my Escort carb. If you look at the fuel cut solenoid, there is a vacuum port just to the right side of it. Plug a vacuum line in there, and run it to the vacuum advance on the distributor. Split it and feed it to both ports. Block off the other ports. Any where else you need vacuum needs to be hooked to the intake manifold. If you get it running right, you will love your new carb. Good choice!