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Different fuel tank, stock location

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  • Different fuel tank, stock location

    Has anyone bothered selecting a different oem's fuel tank and implemented it to the festiva? A fuel cell deeper and same width or whatever in stock location would apply as well.
    I have never dropped the tank on a Festiva so I don't know what it all looks like under there when it's removed. I should have asked this when that guy did the rotisserie Festiva… I mean roll a shell onto old tires… lol… for his brake lines etc. That was an awesome write up and project.
    I'm only 40. I can still hold it like a 16 year old on trips if you're curious. More capacity on a cheap budget is cool.
    Also was wondering if there is any problem with the factory baffling on the OEM tank; if any of the actual race guys need to change out their tank for a cell addressing cornering.

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    This is something I've been thinking about as well, looking to modify a Festiva to give me near a 20 gal tank but still have it hook in in roughly the same position as OEM. Looking to extend the range considerably for trips from home to the next province over and back. (Taxes give me almost a 70 cent difference every gallon from home to the coast).
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      while I havent got my Festiva yet, looks like I will January 24, I am already thinking of an aux tank, I have had quite a few larger tanks & aux tanks as well as built a few in my life for different vehicles. make no joke I like 400-600 mile travel range at the least. I am about to turn 53, and still do pretty good on trips. in my youth I can remember wishing for more distance when had a 650 mile range.

      have you done any research yet? or are we at square 1? for a quick mention, there is always a spare tire mount, which fits in spare tire well, & can be direct hooked to some tanks, to keep overfilled by that capacity, or an aux fuel pump to pump aux tank into main tank. this is super easy & simple to build, cut a piece of sheet metal a strip say 6" wide, & 36" long, then you need to measure inside circumference of wheel well, to know a length, & subtract a couple inches for clearance & ability to jiggle it. the roll it to connect ends & weld the seam, now figure out a center spacing, fing a small electric fuel pump, to mount to a block of wood, & clearance around it, now make a small loop to fit that, & find center of big loop, now you cut 2 pieces of sheet metal circular to fit, that will weld to inner & outer circle. now you need a piece of new exhaust pipe, 1 1/2" will be fine, cut in half lengthwise, now this will be a U shape to be notched across top, this will be for wiring to sit in & fuel line to run through as well as a vent line, as when you put a fill cap on it, I recommend an unvented lid so you wont have any drips, or smell inside. you can find a small filler & unvented lid in motorcycle catalogs. now all thats left is making a suction tube, & installing a thread insert for it to fit in, a vent line, & drilling a small hole in bottom of wheel well to vent tank away from any heat or exhaust, which you will install a grommet for vent line to go through. & of course a second hole for fuel line to get through, & to get to filler pipe for stock tank, which you remove & install a nipple into it, I have brazed these in the past in different vehicles. now when you get to 1/4 tank, you will use a "momentary" switch to transfer fuel from aux tank to main tank

      but I am all for hearing of any that will fit with out me doing all the fabricating & welding, & sheet metal can be free, just find an old deep freezer or refrigerator to cut up sides to make a tank with. lol