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    Hello, does anyone have a diagram for the DIYAutotune mspnp9093 ecu? I'm having trouble locating the iac wire connection for the bp escort that I'm running. Iam still using the festiva harness to run the bp and just recently upgraded to megasquirt. I also installed an innovative mtxl wideband and delete the vaf. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Is this pnp ms for the Escort/Protege or for the miata?
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      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for responding Nerdracing. It's for the escort engine with a sock festiva harness. Actually they said its for all three application. I have a base map for it. I was able to install it but I don't have a cold start and it will take a while to crank.


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        I've been eyeing up the MSPNP2 for the festiva, if you find anything out or get it running please let me know. i'd love to learn more about this option. Have you ever watched the " car passion channel " on youtube? He showed how he setup his MSPNP2 in the 1.6 mx5. It's very detailed. Check it out.
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          Yes, I did watch his channel. My car is running and I did re- pin my harness to the ECU and even change my TPS to a variable one. The issues I'm having is that I don't have a cold start so it'll take a while to crank on bp engine. I think, it that I don't have a crank positioning sensor. Anyway the car is down right now and probably this summer it'll redo the harness or get a Mazda Miata harness. Will see how it goes from there.