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S10 Front Lip Writeup

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  • S10 Front Lip Writeup

    This is a guide for putting the lower valance from a 1st-Gen (Squarebody) Chevy S10 onto a stock USDM Festiva bumper!

    This is a great looking, tall lip that matches the factory bumper lines really well.

    They can be had on ebay for less than $25 shipped very easily.

    First, a shot of the finished product on JDMSTIVA V2:


    So, here's what you will need, for the preferred method of installation (You can change this up to suit your tools and skills as needed)

    -S10 Valence (Part Number: GM1090104 )
    -Riv-nuts with matching bolts (I will be using Metric M6x1.0, commonly used all over the Festy)
    -Riv nut installer ( I am using the Impact method)
    -Drill with a step bit
    -Carpenters Knife
    -Stiff ruler/Straight edge
    -Sandpaper / File


    First, you will need to drill the new holes to mount the lip to the bumper. It comes pre-drilled with holes for the S10. These will act as reference points when drilling.

    The goal is to attach the lip at the 4 lower metal tabs, where the factory bumper attaches to the bumper beam.

    Remove the original 4 clips from the bottom of the bumper

    Next, you will want to hold up the lip to mark out where to drill the holes. Find the center of the bumper cover, and mark it with a silver sharpie or similar. (You can find the center pretty easily by following the vertical marks on the face of the bumper.)

    The lip will have a hole drilled in the center. Line this hole up with the center of the bumper, and then mark where your 1st two holes need to be drilled.

    Once you have them marked, drill them out a bit larger than the factory holes on the lip.

    With them drilled and lined up, mark and drill the outer 2 holes the same way.

    Next, prep the car for the riv-nuts. Start by drilling the metal support tabs to the correct size hole for the riv-nut.
    I tape off the Step-Bit to the correct size to avoid going to large.

    Then, through your preferred method, install the riv-nuts.

    Your lip should now have 4 holes drilled in the front where the green circles are, and 4 rivnuts installed in the body.

    Now, we need to trim a little excess off of the corner of the lip. A regular carpenter knife should cut through the plastic pretty well.
    I remove the area striped in silver, but you can play with it to see what fits your bumper best.

    Install the lip onto the car. I found this order works the best, from top to bottom:

    Bumper Beam
    Lip Edge
    Stock Bumper

    (Note the order in this picture is not quite right, I will fix this at some point)

    Next, we must work on trimming the edges to fit. You'll notice it is too long on the sides, and drooping down.

    First, we want to drill more holes that will be holding the lip up.

    Pull the edges towards the back of the car, until the curvature looks appropriate up front.

    You want to drill 2 holes, on each side of the "Centerline" you will draw from the edge of the bumper.

    This will make more sense as you read on, but in this drawing, the white "Center line" is drawn basically as a line where the bumper side support bar is.
    Green is the holes on either side that you will be drilling, and the Orange is where the lip will be cut later.

    The holes will look something like this with the lip off the car:

    You will then drill a small hole in the plastic of the bumper support. This is shown in green, along with a virtual zip-tie shown in Orange:

    The zip-tie goes through this hole, down into the lip, and then back up through the second hole.

    It will look something like this:

    Note that the zip-ties I use are fairly cheap and thin. This is done on purpose. In the event that you hit something with your lip, these zip-ties will break first, and allow the whole unit to fold backwards, keeping it from getting damaged! It has saved my lip at least 3 times already.

    You are now ready to trim! Use the ruler?straight edge to make a nice line going straight down, from the edge of the bumper.

    Cut along this line a few times with the knife so it is scored deeply.

    Then cut the top and bottom, and you should be able to cleanly snap the plastic down the score line. If it isn't wanting to snap cleanly, just keep working it carefully with the knife.

    Use some sandpaper or a file to smooth that edge, and you are done! Lip is now trimmed and complete!


    Will Samet

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    Yes! Finally the write up! Can't wait to install mine when it gets warmer out.