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New Steering wheel for RED

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  • New Steering wheel for RED

    Thought I would send an update on RED, my soon to be drag racer. To make it easier for me to get in and out of the Kirkey drivers seat. I bought a NASCAR quick release steering wheel hub and a "new/old" Momo wheel off e-bay.

    The steering shaft had to be removed and turned down on a lathe to get the spline adapter to fit. To keep it centered on the shaft, I used a combination of 3 o-rings and JB Weld to hold it all in place so I could weld it all together. WARNING! Be careful when welding as the splines can distort and you will have to take a bunch of time filing them straight.

    When all was said and done it came out well and is easy to remove - making it much easier to get into the car.

    Also put all the pedals back into the car after cleaning. priming and painting them. Currently bolting the seat back in. then onto the electric system.

    While at the Festiva mini madness at Paul's place it was suggested I just put a B-3 engine in RED and try and set the 1/8 & 1/4 mile record for B-3 engines. So that is the current plan - B-3 in now and the BP will go in later.

    Doug Brown

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    I like the b3 idea - good luck!

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      Can't wait to see what the B3 will do in a properly stripped down car. It'll give me a reason to try harder when you beat my time!
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