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Isuzu Stylus front bumper at local junkyard...

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  • Isuzu Stylus front bumper at local junkyard...

    Hello everyone. I sold off all my Festiva stuff about a year ago, all my cars for that matter due to prioritizing my investments. I do however browse the pull-a-part website for rare car stuff I used to be interested in. Recently a 1992 Isuzu Stylus popped up near by. I remember this was a sought after front bumper cover for swapping over to the Festiva and they are extremely rare these days. I'd be willing to pull it and ship it to anyone interested as long as the costs are covered and I'm compensated a small fee for my time. I haven't seen it in person yet, just gauging interest first. Bumper covers are $40 according to the pull-a-part website, bumper absorber is around $10 and the metal bumper part is $50. Not sure if you'd just need the cover part or all the rest. Post here for dibs, then PM me.
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    I'd gladly buy this if it's still there...