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3D Scan Of OEM Spoiler?

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  • 3D Scan Of OEM Spoiler?

    Long shot but im hoping someone has scanned an OEM spoiler and would be willing to share the files. File type doesn't really matter as I can work around that.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Also interested in this.. have had no access to a 3D scanner or camera, or I'd have already done this myself. (Have a modification I want to do)..
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      Sorry for trying to resurrect an old thread but I'm interested in making a reproduction of the OEM spoiler too! Ideally, if I had a ton of pictures of measurements of the spoiler with a pair of calipers, I could try to make a CAD file if anyone would be willing. From there I could try to make a mold for fiberglass. If that doesn't happen I'll try to get one myself. I know MMM from Korea makes a fiberglass reproduction but it would be cool to help make them more accessible in/near NA.