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Upgrade cabin fan?

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  • Upgrade cabin fan?

    Hi guys! I want to upgrade the fan in my Aspire, I've been looking at the fan in the newer Rio and other Ford models and such but have no idea if swapping one in would allow more air flow, which is what I want. Has anyone done this to their car? If so, which fan did you use? Thanks!

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    I was looking at doing something similar in my Festiva but have yet to really research the options.
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      Is your ac and heater core clean? My fetiva used to be really weak cleaned out all the junk and it blows as hard as our 14 Toyota corolla .


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        I thought it was clean but havenít cleaned it all recently. Iíll clean out the radiator for the AC with my pressure washer and see if it makes a difference! Thanks!


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          Sorry just now seen this. The part your wanting to clean i's inside the car. It's in the box on the pasanger side under the glove box. When your hvac is set to out side air it pulls in dirt and debris from the cowl and being your cars don't hAve cabin air filters it gets stuck in the ac evap if it's an ac car or the heater core if it has no ac.