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List of parts from other cars that fit (from drddan)

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    Center console with slide out cup holds from a "94+ Protege.
    If it don't fit, use a bigger hammer!

    '93 Green L - ' Tiva


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      Any updates for this list?


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        Well I saw up a bit there someone said 00/02 Rio struts, Just adding.

        01 Rio struts too. If you own an Aspire (WB-WF Festiva)

        Also EDIT:

        You can fit kia Mentor sideskirts on the Aspire, with a little cutting and capping. :P

        Like so:


        There are near limitless options for Aspires/Festivas with a little imagination and a lot of persistance.
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          Ignition Switch off of a 1990 Mazda B2200 fits the car.


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            So I don't know if you guys had them in the states, but some parts of a mazda 121 DB (1990-1996) are a direct swap, which include:
            - Steering wheel
            - Door sills (most of them are black)
            - shift knob
            - side mirrors
            - fuel door lever mechanism and spring
            - front spindles (4x100 with studs)
            I dont know if the rear spindles are swappable, but i think it wont really be a problem

            There might be things I've forgotten or didn't check