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Aspire LCA and sway bay into a Festiva.

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  • Aspire LCA and sway bay into a Festiva.

    Has anyone swap aspire lower control arms into a Festiva? They seem to be a little longer and I'm trying to get some negative camber with them. Any problems with axles?
    Also swamped the aspire sway bar. That wasn't as bolt on as I read. Got it in but was a ton of work as it was leaned towards the front. Anty ideas on that?

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    I believe most guys flip the aspire bar upside down. And it goes over the crossmember. As for swapping the arms and bar I would encourage you to keep the festive front bar and if you want camber get camber bolts or slot the strut holes .
    The aspire sway bar is too stiff and will hurt your handling not help.


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      I did the swap on RED, my drag racer under construction. Yes the Aspire bar needs to come over the top of the cross member. I used the Aspire rubber bushings to hold it place alone with the Aspire mounting plates. Everything lined perfectly - it only took about 10-minutes to install the bar. And you do need the Aspire LCA for everything to line up. Easy swap.

      I am using the bar for anti-wheel hop/ anti-walking/traction control - not handling. I'm only going in a straight line. The extra weight of the bar should help traction a little bit too.

      Looks impressive....and easier to install than making traction bars.


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        We use the Aspire Lower Control arms when swapping to Capri Brakes. They should go on pretty easy and would result in some negative camber but they are a lot more expensive than Festiva LCAs.
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          I'm much happier with aspire LCAs they are beffier. I do some sort of dirt racing/rallycross. They gave me the camber I wanted. My only concern is the aspire arms pulling the hub out and maybe risking having a axle pop out. Haven't been able to try it and feel how it goes with the aspire bar and hopefully not pop an axle out. Thanks for the replies I'm taking every advise given.