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  • Ford aspire brakes

    so I was wondering why other festiva owners swap the brakes for aspire brakes and if I were to do that what are the pros and cons. Also thinking of buying some coil overs mk2, will they fit still?

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    Aspire front brakes are big and ventilated and heavy.!

    Manual trans brakes are 1" thick while automatic trans brakes are 1-1/4" thick. Calipers/brake pads are much bigger too. Aspire brakes are much heavier than Festiva brakes, especially when you include the weight of the knuckles, LCA, new axles and the sway bar.

    The rotor discs can be replaced without dis-assembling the hubs, which in itself makes the swap worth while.

    The Aspire front brakes really make a difference in stopping the car -- when you step on the brake pedal it doesn't feel like you are stepping on a sponge -- the car stops!. This assumes that you have changed to the Aspire master brakes assembly too.

    The Aspire rear drum brakes are bigger in diameter, and heavier. I think the biggest advantage the rear brakes bring is that the rear spindles use a nut that easily screws on by hand and is held in place with a cotter pin, instead of being "staked" in place. However you can drill a hole for a cotter pin in a Festiva axle and then get castle nuts to use with the cotter pins.

    The Aspire rear "axle" beam is heavier and stiffer so is not as "flexible" as the Festiva's - which will negatively effect handling..

    For either a street or race car, I think changing the entire front brake system to Aspire is worth while, but not the rears.


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      Also my festiva parking brake snapped could I also swap that out for the aspire parking brake?


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        I had no problem swapping the entire Aspire beam on to my '93 Festiva, parking brake cable included. I don;t remember every detail but for the most part it was plug and play.
        '88 Festiva LX 5 speed, A/C, Carb, restored $$$ body paint, badly wrecked @ 200k.
        '93 Festiva L, 5 speed, Aqua, bought from the original owner,.Zero rust but very nasty otherwise. Awaits the B6T.
        '91 Festiva L, 5 speed, bought to drive while putting the B6T in the '93. now B6ME powered.


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          i am very interested in doing this to my car what parts do i need from the ford aspire to install the front brakes on my festiva


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            Here's a guide and parts list to swap over the brakes from an aspire to a festiva.