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  • Wheel bearings

    I've looked all over cant seem to find new wheel barings or how difficult it would be to change them i found the tie rods and all that good stuff i figuring while im there check and replace cause im haveing vibration going over 55 between 65 tires look good but im changeing the rims soon and if part numbers for stock would be appreciated and the steering rack for incase i need it sorry for all the stuff thanks guys or gals

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    For vibration I'd first try rotating tires right-to-left. Cheap. Somtimes all it needs.
    For info on replacing front bearings try a search of this site. Lots of stuff wirtten about it over the years, some with photos. I had a complete set of 52 photos on Photobucket before they changed their policy.
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      Wheel bearings and seals are available at
      The rears are easy to do but require care to set the preload correctly.
      The fronts are harder to do. Check if they have play before replacing. Is there any play from your tie rod ends or ball joints? How are your suspension bushings doing?
      Tires not balanced properly is the most common cause of the shake.
      Second is probably worn suspension or steering components.
      Third is tires that arent round.
      Jack the car up and spin the tires, see if they spin smooth or are out of round side to side

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        Thanks guys i wanted to have leads on things when i got un the car for i could find stuff easier full time worker single father all that jazz lol but i got under the car steering bushings are bad going to have to replace that and get new 2 tires seeing if i can find descent rim options to the end result of this car i want and but all in all underbelly was good shape. Thanks for the help guys
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