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Who here doesn't have rear brakes?

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  • Who here doesn't have rear brakes?

    So I can't seem I find the post but there was one I bumped into awhile ago when I was lurking about only running front brakes. There was a few guys who said they had fronts only on their DDs and I'm looking for conformation that folks willing do this. With as little weight as Festivas have in the rear I can see this being ok. I know I need to do the bearings and seals on my 1990's rear but I realllllly hate drum brakes so if I can just gut the drum and block off a brake line I think I'm ok with that. It's a $50 dollar car so savings are a great thing.

    (ps. In Michigan we don't have inspections if that is a concern)

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    The only time i read of guys running no rear brakes were those who are after better lap times, if your driving it in the winter you will want rear brakes. Even a small amount of brakes in the rear helps keep the car straight prevents you from sliding or spinning out. Charile actually likes not having rear brakes on his track car so he can rotate it better in the corners. Maybe you could get away with that in the sunny south, but up here in the north east thats a real bad idea.
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      Basically what Sleeper stated about the lap times. The only person that I know that does not have rear brakes on the street is Scittz but I would not suggest it in the north. You can replace all of the rear components for about $20 using Rock Auto parts. I also hate working on drum brakes but once you do it on the Festiva a couple of times it gets easier.
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        Thanks for the advice guys, guess I will run rear brakes.


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          I'll chime in here. I bought my daily driver Festiva with the rear brakes disconnected. I haven't felt the need to reconnect them, the braking is fantastic. Doesn't make me too nervous in the snow, but I am running 12" tyres.