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  • Rims and tire size

    Purchased a festiva with Nissan rims. I am having difficulty locating the offset, I have heard Nissan rims have a high positive offset. It came 175 70 r13 which on the rear wheels, was worn down because of the rubbing on the rear coils
    these were the replacement rims stl62175u20 I think they came off of a Nissan Sentra

    if I were to buy 155 65 r13 tires would that stop the rubbing or would I still need spacers? Thanks. Again I can’t find any info on the offset of these rims.

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    If you want to find the offset just do a search on google “ How to measure wheel offset“
    It’s pretty strait forward.
    What tire size you need depends on how much it’s rubbing, even a 165 tread width tire may work.

    155 65 13 would be way to small in diameter, 155 80 13 would work keeping the same diameter as your current tires

    this site is useful to calculate just how much smaller each tire will be that you might wanna use, in comparison to the ones you have now
    Tire size calculator compares diameter, width, circumference and speedometer differences for any two tire sizes. Supports tire sizes in metric and inches.

    but from what I know, almost no tire on a 13” rim should rub the rear springs unless the offset is too positive. So those wheels aren’t meant for your car but you can make em work with different tires if you want to keep em

    good luck
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      155/80 13 tires would probably be the best match to keep the stock diameter and they probably wouldn’t rub
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