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Festiva Wheel and Tire Fitment Guide

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  • Festiva Wheel and Tire Fitment Guide



    Usable Diameters: 13" to 15"

    The table below is organized similar to a flow chart. It is broken down into different sections, depending on what Brakes and what Suspension you are using. Just find the setup relevant to your combination and go from there. Wheels are typical marked like “14x6 +38”, which means it is 14” diameter, 6” wide, and has an offset of +38mm. “ET38” is also a common way to write “offset of +38 mm”

    The following assumes you are using either Stock brakes (4x114.3 PCD), or Aspire Rears (4x100), and using only suggested tire sizes. Aspire rear drums act like +10mm spacers, regardless of what rear beam you are using. If you are using Festiva rear drums that have been re-drilled to 4x100, please use the 4x114,3 section of the guide to determine the appropriate offsets.

    Suspension type Brakes Max Width Offset Range
    Stock Suspension Stock (4x114.3) 6" +25 to +38 mm
    Stock Suspension Aspire rear (4x100) 6" +35 to +45 mm *
    Coilovers with -3.5 Camber Stock (4x114.3) 7" +25
    Coilovers with -3.5 Camber Aspire rear (4x100) 7" +35 mm *
    * Use 10mm spacers on the front of the Aspire swap to bring the wheels back to a square fitment.

    Coilovers also assumes rolled fenders (fitting a 7” wheel in a festiva requires work and pretty precise fitment). If you do not have the rear camber, add a few mm to your wheel offset. You may also be able to go down to a +20 depending on how pulled your fenders are, and how low you are.


    Festiva: 59.1 mm

    Aspire: 54.1 mm

    Stock wheel sizes, for reference:
    Base model L steelies 12 x 4 +40mm
    L+ and LX steelies 12 x 4.5 +40mm
    GL and LX alloys 12 x 4.5 +40mm


    Tires are listed like this: “165/55R14”
    Where 165 is the width of the tire, in mm
    55 is the aspect ratio of the sidewall. This is not in mm! This is a percentage of the width!

    A little confusing. In this example, it means the sidewall height is 55% of the width 165.

    14 is the diameter of the wheel in inches.

    12" Tires:

    145/80R12 (L Stock size)
    165/70R12 (L+, LX. GL Stock size)
    155/80R12 is taller, but usually cheaper and more common if you are in a pinch.

    13" Tires:

    185/60R13 (This is a size you can use for stickies on the track/AutoX)

    14" Tire:


    15" Tire:


    Going 185+ wide for a daily/street festiva is not a great idea. Wider tires hydroplane much quicker with how light these cars are.

    If you have any questions or need some help, feel free to message me on Facebook
    Will Samet

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    How to find me:
    Facebook messenger is the best way.
    Feel free to PM me anytime!
    Reddit / Snapchat / everywhere else: w4rky
    Instagram/Twitter: @WILLSAMET

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    I have a 91 festival but need new tires. It's basic. No one seems to be able to help.


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      If it has the original wheels you will need 155/80r12 tires. If you google "155/80r12 tire" you will get a lot of results. Walmart often has them for around $40 each and you can have them delivered to your house or the nearest walmart.
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        My Festy fleet tire supplier of 20 years, Discount Tire, just informed me that it no longer sells any 12" tires (except for trailers)!!!

        Some investigation found one supplier offering 12" tires for over $400 plus $600 shipping to Anchorage -- per tire!
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          I especially appreciate the detailed information on wheel widths, tire departure and tire sizes, I watched a lot here, as well as recommendations for selection based on suspension and brake type.
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