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how to secure the spare tire to the trunk of the Festiva

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  • how to secure the spare tire to the trunk of the Festiva

    greetings, I bought my Festiva and it had nothing to hold the spare tire, neither has the hydraulic jack to lift the vehicle, I would like you to show me how it goes originally to see how I can repair it, I have a hole in the middle of the trunk and a lot of noise because of this, apologies for my bad English, and thank you very much in advance.
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    Both the spare and the jack have brackets with long bolts that secure them to the body. The jack uses a t-bolt, the spare uses a regular hex bolt with a 14mm head so that it can be removed with the lug wrench.

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      Notice in the photo that the well in the tunk is made to accomodate one of those small emergency spare tires. I have a regular 12" tire in mine and it is a bit high but fits okay. I see you have a regular tire as a spare in your photo. If you are using tires larger than the 12" stock tires it may not fit well in the well. Also note in the photos the car comes with a scissor jack, not hydraulic. My scissor jack bent and I'm using the jack off a Honda instead, You should be able to pick up a scissor jack at a junk yard.I wish my car were as pristine as the one in the photos.
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        thank you very much for your answer, it helped me a lot, do you have any idea how to find the rubber of the trunk on ebay, mine is very worn out and it lets water into the car.