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Engine swap- suspension suggestions?

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  • theastronaut
    Start by reading Charlie's (Advancedynamix) posts in the suspension upgrades section of the forum, and see what his Festiva is capable of with his coilover setup and a simple b6t swap. You can have a track weapon without a lot of fabrication if you copy his build.

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  • FestivaBen
    started a topic Engine swap- suspension suggestions?

    Engine swap- suspension suggestions?

    Hey all,

    I recently picked up a 2003 pt cruiser gt 2.4l turbo (same as in srt4 neon) with 5 speed to swap into my egg. I'm debating swapping the entire front subframe knuckles hubs and all into the festy, but not sure. There will be a fairly large weight increase doing so, and I'm not sure about the capabilities of the stock setup. I'm looking to end with about 400whp. The car felt tippy stock around turns as the body roll was intense, so I'm wondering from you who have owned these cool little things, what would be your suggestions as to upgrades? If I swap the pt parts in ill end up with a dodge shadow/pt cruiser amalgamation with a weight increase of ~600 lbs (with no power steering or a/c or comfy accessories) and I'd like to minimize that as much as possible. Will the factory knuckles and hubs hold up to that kind of abuse with upgraded struts and tie rods with plating the arms?