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    2024-01 Trixie Right Front Bearing and CV Replace (3).jpg 2024-01 Trixie Right Front Bearing and CV Replace (6).jpg 2024-01 Trixie Right Front Bearing and CV Replace (9).jpgI needed to replace the right CV Axle and right inner tie rod on Trixie and when I took the Rio Knuckle assembly off I discovered the bearing was beginning to make a little noise as I spun it.
    Since I had bearings and seal on the shelf I decided to replace the bearing and seals in it while I had it off.
    I was pleasantly surprised by how much easier the knuckle is to disassemble that the Festiva one.
    Removing the brake rotor before disassembly make it much easier to remove the hub from the knuckle.
    Put the knuckle in the bench vise, put in a heavy duty socket the right size, gave it a few whacks with the 4 pound hammer and it came out easily.
    The races are easier to remove also because the edge sticks out all the way around.
    I will post some pictures as I get it cleaned up and ready for the new bearings and seals.
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    Good to know, I have been debating on whether to use Rio or Aspire knuckles on my offroad car.


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      Originally posted by SirFireBush357 View Post
      Good to know, I have been debating on whether to use Rio or Aspire knuckles on my offroad car.
      Good luck finding the Rio or Aspire knuckles.. Don't see many junk yard around that have them.

      I got the right knuckle back on and the steering connected back up yesterday and when I took it for a test drive, I realize that the left bearing was making noise too.
      I only had one set of bearings left so I order another set to replace the left bearings too (Timken Set 11). They will be here tomorrow. It drives a lot better with that new steering bushing and right inner tie rod end. I will update when I get the left steering knuckle rebuilt.

      The left inner and outer tie rods and the lower control arm are still in good condition so I won't be replacing them.

      For anyone afraid to try this.. don't be. It really is not that difficult. You just need a big hammer and the right size heavy duty socket to knock the hub out. and then a big bolt and nut with the right size washers and an old bearing race with a notch cut thru it to use to pull the hub back through the bearing into the knuckle after you put them in the knuckle.
      I have the spacer selection tool but if you are using the original knuckle and hub and have no access to other spacers it doesn't do you much good anyway. I did use it to seat the oiled bearing but it never did get tight enough to prevent the hub from turning tight and smooth when I torqued it down.

      I also had a bearing puller tool which helps to get the back bearing off the hub easier but all you really have to do if you don't have one is to destroy the old bearing holder and use an angle grinder (carefully) to cut through the bearing housing to remove it.

      I added a picture of the left steering knuckle from Trixie that I took apart yesterday. The new bearings I ordered should be here tomorrow. If they do arrive tomorrow I will have them installed and she will be back on the road sometime Monday.Festiva Left Steering Knuckle disassemble .jpg
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        20240107 Left Steering Knuckle Rebuild.jpg

        The new bearings arrived today and now the left knuckle rebuild is complete and ready to install tomorrow.