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Looking for cheapest, lightest and best performing wheels

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  • Looking for cheapest, lightest and best performing wheels

    I'm hoping someone has an easy answer here... I'm researching "most bang for the buck" for wheels for a Festiva w/ Aspire brake/hub conversion.

    I'd like to spend around $50/wheel. Preferably the wheels would be black, ugly and light. I'd be going for absolute performance here - looks are not a factor.

    if anyone can point me to some info about wheels sizes and what is best for performance that would be really helpful.


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    14x6" Miata wheels, hands down the best. They are plentiful, they are cheap and easy to find, they are light, they fit the Festiva body perfectly in terms of width (needs a bit of fender lip rolling though), they are strong because they're make by Enkei, and they fit perfectly hubcentric on the Aspire hubs.
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      as an alternative, look into the konig helium wheels. you can actually find them in good used condition for 200-300. and brand new for $400 shipped.

      15-6.5 is 11.2lbs. the 14's are alot less.


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        Rota Slipstreams - 15x6.5" just under 12 lbs a piece and they cost around the same as the Konigs.
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          thanks for the info guy! i like the idea of finding someone's old 14" miata wheels that they're getting rid of after an upgrade. Not as ugly as i'd like but they'll work.