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Anybody running 16s?

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  • Anybody running 16s?

    Looking at a set of konig wheels. 205 40 16. 16x7 wheel. Not sure of backspacing. Anybody run anything this big? If so what did you have to do. 16x7 jj is stamped on the wheel.
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    Yeah i was thinking of putting 17x7 from the response from what i got they said unlikely 15 is probably max, but im sure with some serious mod with the brakes and strutes etc you could put them in, going to need good brakes though.

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      I've been running 16x7s for years...Don't like them, it raises the car too much and looks Donkish.
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        Yeah I almost feel like my 15's are just too big for the car. I think 13's look the best on these cars.


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          14s are best IMO, though we did try out a set of 16x7s with 205/40/16s on them a while back. Couldn't even bolt them all the way on, they were too wide, but the overall weight is the same as a 185/60/14 or very close to it which is what I used to run on a couple of my festivas so with proper backspacing and maybe cut/flared fenders you could do it. Would probably scrub a lot though since they're so wide, probably not practical.
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