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Weird Problem: Suspension Droop different on both sides?

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  • Weird Problem: Suspension Droop different on both sides?

    I'm having an odd problem and i don't know whats causing it, first off, I'll list my mods:

    Capri Knuckles/Brakes
    Aspire LCAs
    Ebay coilover set-up

    I got the cars front end in the air ready for me to mock-up in order to weld in the mounts, and the axles are bolted in but the suspension is lower on the driver side than the passenger side? I don't understand why it is doing it. Any ideas? It's kinda hard to get the axles pretty level with each other when one side is lower than the other.
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    Try loosening the lca bolt where it goes to the frame. It they are super tight, they can bind the suspension in one spot.
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