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    Moved here from Custom Interior/Exterior

    No festiva for me ATM...


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      sorry man totally missed that forum completely


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        Originally posted by Charlie1717 View Post
        Well it's a bit complicated on how I got them. I got them as a package when I bought a Festiva, A Festiva Shell, and a 323 GT. I also got a bunch of rims and parts, etc.

        But these are off of the 323 GT. They are 14" The rally tires were on them when I got them. I don't have much use for them and plan on putting some street tires.
        is anything modified to make them fit?


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          Originally posted by stevea View Post
          is anything modified to make them fit?
          The front fit fine but to fit in the rear you would need spacers, the tires are to wide
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            Right now I got 13" protege rims and Yokahama 185 x 60 x 13's on the Aspire swap thing. I *think* the Capri wheels have the original Festy pattern but the bigger wheels. Some years of RX-7 14" have the original 4 x 114.3 pattern. I was told you don't have to go very big before you notice your brakes suck realllllly bad tho. That's what made me do the aspire swap.


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              Stock Capri rims are the same bolt pattern as the Festiva. Again you would need Aspire rear struts which you should be able to pick them up at a junkyard for pretty cheap.
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